Forty Thieves Reviews



Rachel B.

Honestly for a brewery I think they are doing everything right, from the atmosphere, to the food, to the service. Very cool interior with the bar on the lower tier and a nice seating area on an upper tier inside. It's a little loud but expected for a brewery. Our waitress was really awesome, friendly and knew her stuff. I wish I could remember her name! But she had great suggestions and was more then willing to let us sample some beer before ordering them. The food was also really great and portions were huge! We ordered a bunch of items from the menu to share and it was great to try so many delicious foods. Nachos: they come in beef or chicken, we ordered pulled chicken and they certainly do not skimp! The queso will also rock your socks off and they load it on (get your napkins ready). More then enough for at least 3 people to eat these!Cobb salad: this salad would probably make any one enjoy their greens! Perfectly lightly dressed and great portion of delicious juicy chicken on top, very fresh greens and good helping of eggs, bacon, and avocado on there too. Large portion and would certainly come back for this alone! Garlic parm French fries: truthfully not my favourite because I'm not a fan of crinkle cut but large portion which is nice for the table to share. Tad salty for me and most likely would try something else before ordering these again.I certainly recommend Forty Thieves for good food and service and a great beer menu! Crowd is fun too and open till 2am! Can't wait to come back here!


Jennifer P.

Stopped in for dinner since we were in the area and figured it was a safe bet because of the stars on Yelp. Can't say that I was impressed in any way. We go there, not busy, but why did it take us walking up to the bar to ask if we could sit in the dining area? They finally said we could sit where we wanted and then gave us some time to look at the menu. Put in our order and then waited almost 30 minutes for our food. I wouldn't mind if we were ordering some elaborate dishes that take time to cook, but a burger and wings come on. Others that came in way after us ordered and received their food with a much shorter wait time. The waitress finally came out to explain the wait was on the wings so I was expecting the wings to be so piping hot that I couldn't even bite into it. Nope not the case. They were hot but not right out of the fryer hot. Burger came out over cooked, but yet the bun was cold. Totally not worth the wait.


Maureen O.

Came here with on a Thursday around 5 with some girls from work for happy hour. Indifferent bar staff who all appeared to be drinking behind the bar. Drinks were good, but the girl bartender had to take the very faded specialty drink menu back because she didn't know the recipe. Bar are appeared dirty, garbage was visible on the floor behind the bar. Our waitress was terrific and seemed to go above and beyond knowing our disappointment with the bar. Food was pretty good. Bathroom was dirty and had no toilet paper in the one stall, and no soap to wash your hands along with, you guessed it, no paper towels.


Nikki G.

We walked in on a Wednesday night around 7pm and sat ourselves at a table. There were plenty of tables to take, but also some were filled. When we left, the bar was bumpin'. I ordered the stack burger. It was two thin patties, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and special sauce served with fries. The burger was good and I liked the sauce. The fries were ridiculously plentiful, and delicious. I like the atmosphere and variety.



Great Service from Carly. This place has a great Lunch Special til 4- Burger & Beer for . Today I'm glad I opted out though for the steak sandwich. They chop the steak, but the hoagie is huge and comes with banana peppers which give it a nice bite for people who like some heat. I always skip the fries for the house made pasta salad. These portions are huge and flavorful.


Oliver M.

Excellent food, extremely large portions and fairly priced I would highly recommend this place!


Kinnie I.

More than a sports bar. Though the Bills game was on and plenty of fans crowded the front bar area. We made it to the back and upstairs to a table. But we could see the game from afar. We found the chicken wings outstanding. Can't beat the 50 cent wing special. They were crispy saucy and zingy- that's a medium order. My daughter ordered a burger. It really was yummy, the meat patty seasoned nice. The fries were delish and plenty. Bill was around , not bad for a very decent lunch. The waitress was smiling and sweet. We strolled down Elmwood window shopping after lunch. Nice outing on a Sunday.


Thomas M.

I heard about the Forty Thieves lunch special from their social media and it sounded like a great deal.   for a sandwich, side, 6 wings and a draft beer would be a good deal just about anywhere but forty thieves makes it an exceptional deal.  My one complain is that the special does not include all the sandwiches on the menu even though they are the same price.  I opted to try the turkey brie sandwich this time because it got such great reviews.  It was really solid but I would definitely say the chicken pesto was better.  The wings were average, nothing special and the fries solid as usual.  With all that being said, this is the perfect amount of food for lunch.  Definitely one of the better lunch specials in Buffalo!


Rachel C.

Came here because of the good ratings. Was disappointed by the atmosphere and the inconsistency between the food menu on the website and the current menu. Also thought that would have more beer on tap. I have tried to reach this restaurant both by email and by phone and neither are in service. Will just keep going to Thin Man down the street.


Daviyion J.

The food was delicious. I had PB&J burger which was really good. And M-W, they have ¢50 wings which were obviously a great deal so highly recommend those as well. Labbat drafts and all their beers on draft are Definitely looking forward to going back again in the future!


Malina B.

I literally come here about once a week to get the PB&J Burger and basically am obsessed with much that my roommate tags along and does the same. I always ask for Medium Rare, and rarely has it not been cooked perfectly. The blackberry jam and peanut butter so perfectly compliment the natural flavor of the beef and bacon on the burger like you wouldn't believe. I will say lately I've noticed that not enough jam is being out on the burgers, so I always ask for extra on the side. The burger is not the same if there is not enough jam! Otherwise, you don't have to add anything to the burger nor should you. Eat it as served- if you put ketchup on it that's a crime! I've lost count on how many people I've had try it, who believe it or not also love it as much as I do!I always get the fries as my side and usually end up taking half home because of how nice the portion is. Also something to note, I have a weird thing against crinkle cut fries...Forty's crinkle cut fries are the only I think I will ever accept...always so good! Since I am such a frequenter, I have given other items on the menu a try, but 99% of the time order the PB&J Burger. Their stuffed peppers are amazing and definitely for those who don't mind more than just kick, they are definitely on the spicy side, but super delicious and filling! I've just recently tried the Beef on Weck wings, I was originally a bit hesitant, but am so glad I tried them. I am not even one for horseradish and I really enough them, I just do not think I could finish an entire order of them alone. Not sure how they are being leftovers either, so something to consider when ordering. Their Turkey Brie club was another good choice, and easily could be split between two people. Their French Onion is definitely something to try...if you're like me you know the best places to go are Gabriel's Gate and Cole's for French Onion, but Forty is definitely right up there as being the best!I usually get their Moscow Mule if I'm there for their happy hour, they're at the bar! I could go on and on, but I live in the neighborhood and would say it is probably my favorite place on Elmwood to eat. I've been coming here since the day the opened last September and will continue to be a regular.


Tony A.

We just had a wonderful dinner.  Both food and service were outstanding and I have nothing but praise for this dining experience.  Our server, Britney, was awesome and her great service added to our fun dinner.  The cheese steak hoagies consisted of philly style beef that was so tender and perfectly seasoned on a delicious fresh roll.   The krinkle  cut fries were crazy good and cooked perfectly.  The three of us who ordered this sandwich were all in agreement that it was outstanding.   My son ordered the bacon burger with peanut butter and blackberry jam.  He loved it.    I had my doubts but after a bite, I found it delicious.  The flavors all blend together (quote from Britney) perfectly and will be my choice during our next soon visit.   We started with the BBQ wings and we all agreed the best wings ever.  They were crispy and perfectly sauced.  You will not be disappointed!


Cassi S.

OMG! First time here for food and I am ready to go back. I've been there a handful of times before to drink, there is a great selection of beer, wine, and liquor. But tonight's real winner was the PB&J burger.! I've always wanted to try the whole peanut butter on a burger thing but never was brave enough. When I saw it on the menu, I just went for it. No regrets! There is peanut butter on the top bun and a blackberry bacon jam on the bottom with a thick burger, cooked to your liking. There's also bacon (!) and cheese on it. It came with a side of crinkle cut fries, which were crispy and delicious. They also have a few vegan and vegetarian options so anyone can find anything there.


Eric D.

This place is just awesome all the way through. Love the space, their location on Elmwood is fantastic and they've got a decent amount of seating in the bar with tables and standing room downstairs and more restaurant style seating upstairs. The staff and prices were great and they've got an awesome selection of beers on tap to try with different seasonal beers available. Food was fantastic as well! I tried the peanut butter and jelly burger and it was so good! Juicy, flavorful, and perfectly cooked I ate the whole thing with no problem. I've also tried their Philly cheese steak and they make fantastic French fries as well. This is a fun place to grab dinner or a drink on Elmwood check them out today!


Megan H.

Very disappointing experience especially with so many awesome dining options in Buffalo.The service was slow, likely due to the 1 employee manning the lunch hour AND bartending. Our orders were mentally stored and consequently incorrect. The food was not memorable for any of us and the place is cold and dingy looking. I came in with high hopes that this place had been restored into a cool new spot. Unfortunately it was a very poor choice.


Megan R.

Great comeback from Blue Monk. Hot sunny day and was able to sit outside no wait. What impressed me most was the food! Shared the spinach artichoke bread bowl. The bread bowl was a fantastic plus and very filling. I had to slow down eating to save room for lunch. I got the Turkey Brie Club with pasta salad. It was very good. Sweet. My friend got the Ruben with parmesan fries. There was a small upcharge for the specialty fries which was expected. The serving sizes were crazy huge! Each half of the sandwich was a sandwich in its' own. I couldn't believe it. And the price for each sandwich was only . I would recommend splitting 1 sandwich between 2 people. More than enough. The pasta salad was also refreshingly good! I will definitely be returning here for food and drinks! If you enjoyed Blue Monk, then I recommend coming back to give Forty Thieves a try.


Loron N.

I really enjoyed my experience at Forty thieves. The ambiance is cozy. We decided to sit outside since it was a nice cool day out. The waitress was pretty attentive and was very knowledgeable with what was on the menu. For an appetizer, I ordered the devils eggs. It was different than I'm used to but very good. They fried the entire egg and had this amazing yellow sauce underneath it. It's worth a try because it's tastey and nothing like I've tasted before. For the entree, I tried my friend's beef tenderloin and it was cut and cooked to perfection (it was about medium rare). I had my first ever steak hoagie here (something buffalo is known for) and I wasn't disappointed. It was very yummy and filling! If you're in the area definitely check em' out! The only reason I gave them a 4 Star was because I think the prices for the beef tenderloin and steak hoagie were a bit high. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Jay S.

Very nice restaurant with great food and beer. Their carrot dog was phenomenal. You don't have to be vegan to enjoy this one.


Jen S.

If I have a bad experience somewhere, I always give it another try before leaving a review. I have been here three times; three strikes and I'm done giving business to this poorly managed restaurant. The first time my friend and I sat at the bar. Ordered drinks and food. There were a handful of staff members gathered in the little cut out next to the register. They were all texting, chatting. Some were dressed in worn out and dirty looking hoodies. Customers looked nicer than the staff. It was our first time there at Forty Thieves and asked about their cocktails. The bartender was totally unenthused and robotically made our drinks. Zero personality with anyone we interacted with. Food was really good, drinks were good. Service lacked but we enjoyed ourselves. The second time was during brunch. My friend and I sat upstairs and were the only ones there at first, but there were two other tables occupied by the time we left. There was only one server... who was also the bartender! I've seen this in other reviews and confirmed with her that's how she's typically scheduled. How is that proper service? The poor server/bartender was noticeably exhausted. She even made several comments as she kept running back and forth our table how "over it" she was. While I completely don't blame her, I'm trying to be empathetic, but still justifiably irritated we didn't get a drink refill til our meals were gone. And we didn't have extra napkins. Not world ending, but little service attention is expected while dining out. Not her fault, but whomever is in charge of payroll needs a reality check. There's no way workers are happy having to run around with their heads cut off all shift long. We both ordered the brunch burger free beer meal. We were hoping to have a second beer with the meal, but didn't have the chance to order until it was all gone. She did end up comping the second beers. Very sweet of her, but would've been prevented if more staff was on hand. Food was good and enjoyable. The spinach artichoke dip is incredible. It took ages to get our bill until she walked by us again and we asked. She said it'd be easier to just meet her down by the register at the bar. The final straw was coming here on a evening. My friend and I called ahead to confirm the kitchen would be open. When we looked online we saw we had about 2 hours and 45 minutes til it closed and would take us about 20 minutes to arrive. The person on the phone confirmed and we made our way over there. When we walked in there were drunk guys at the bar and they shouted at us "kitchen's closed go home!" Weird, and rude. We went up to the bar and asked the bartender if the kitchen was still open as we just called and the guy on the phone confirmed it was. The bartender seemed like he had anything better going on in the world than talking to us. He asked, "Well what do you want? We're sending the cooks home early because of the weather." We responded only wanting one item and could have it there or to go. The employee went to the kitchen and came back. He sighed and said, "Well yeah he'll do it but nothing else." I got a bad vibe and said, "Well maybe we just shouldn't order anything. I wouldn't want to upset him." The employee was like, "Yeah thanks." So there goes our food order. We left and I'm not going back.


Urvish T.

I was pleasantly surprised when I visited forty thieves for lunch. It was a beautiful day so we sat on the patio. Our waitress was friendly and efficient. I ordered a turkey club and my friend got the chicken pesto sandwich. Both came with fries. The sandwiches were awesome! My turkey club was dressed perfectly and their signature rosemary bread(similar to a focaccia) has a great texture and is perfect for sandwiches. My friend also enjoyed his sandwich. I will definitely go back!